My heart is bleeding about the low traffic of my blog: My experience about using social media marketing


TweeCO is now on Facebook! At the same time, my heart is bleeding about the low traffic of my blog. In the past 2 weeks, I was questioning about “how to increase the blog traffic”.

I know, I know, it is not easy to become a popular blogger, but I really want to share my stupid ideas to people, and of course, I like to draw so much. Most of the famous bloggers just say, “be patient” and “keep working” are the key of success. But I’m still a little bit greedy/ ambitious on this.

With my greatest friends suggestion, I did two things.

#1: Open up a Facebook fan page

I  open up a Facebook fan page and use all my little knowledge about html and Facebook fan page design and “create” a nice facebook fan page (in my taste, I think it looks nice) .  Then I suggest my page to all my relatives, friends, coworker, ex coworker, old classmates… Actually, I suggest to all people on my list. But 2 days pasted, I only got 6 likes (including me …T_T). Obviously, I’m very frustrated and doubtful. I doubt about 1) the quality of my blog; 2) the friendship of my friends; 3) the Facebook usage activity of people , such as, “is the page suggestion list hidden and so , nobody can see my suggestion????”

May be, nowadays, too many social media sites or social media gurus exaggerate the power of using social media. I read tons of  “inspiring and successful social media strategies” from Mashable or other site. They create a dream for me to imagine.

# 2 open a Chinese version of my blog

This is another fun story to share. I open up another Chinese version of my blog on Hong Kong because my friend told me that Yahoo blog is also a popular place for comics/ illustration blogger. I’m from Hong Kong, and I know Chinese. Then, why don’t I open up another channel in Chinese language? With my big effort on research, Sina blog is very popular for  billion Chinese in China. But there are two downsides 1) there are too many bloggers, as much as, I really get frustrated about just being seen in the sea of blogs; 2) Chinese from Mainland China use Simplified Chinese and I use “traditional Chinese type”. This difference can be a big obstacle… And so, I use Hong Kong Yahoo blog.

For people who know Chinese or curious about the Chinese version, please visit



Sorry, I complain too much in this post because I’m a little bit emotional when I ‘m typing.

Anyway, I need to get back to reality and start to work hard again on my comics!!!


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  1. Hey, don’t feel bad about low traffic. Rome wasn’t build in a day.

  2. Don’t give up and take things easy! Then, keep continue working hard on your blog. I really trust you can get want to want.

  3. I like your illustration! So cute!

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