Facebook Sin: The ultimate bad behavior list of Facebook users

Facebook Sin: Bad behavior list

Facebook Sin: Bad behavior list

Did any of you get mad about some of your friends’ annoying behavior on Facebook? Here’s a short list that  can drive people crazy, or at least make people feel annoyed. With that fact, I’m still addicted to Facebook because I love to keep in touch with friends 🙂


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  1. Agree hahahah! 😀

  2. Sorry, I hate to say, seems like I don’t have this kind of problem. But, of cause, all my friends are lazy. There’s no picture up-load or down-load to facebook with me in it. I guess I’m safe for now.

  3. Haha, right on target.
    The other I’ve seen is that someone will put up a picture where they look good nut somebody else in the picture is doing an ugly face or something, which is kind of mean to that other person.

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