Sassy or Childish? What is the coolest style for women?


What's the different between these two styles?


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  1. In Japan you see adults with tons of cute stuff all the time. After all, it is the land of “cute”.

    • That’s true. I always think people should develop their own taste/ style, not just following the trend.
      “Big sis” should not force other people to follow her “brand slave” style. On the other hand, “little sis” is really too “Kawaii” (Japanese word means “cute”). Overwhelming icon or cartoon can be annoying.

      Actually, I think the Kitty and Chanel phone case are both nice.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I really hate branded things.
    I can’t believe that people walk around with T-shirts and things with a big logo. It is free commercial for the brand. They should pay me to wear their clothes and do commercial for their brand 😉

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