My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.3: Another ridiculous childhood story

Throwing stuff off building was a bad, dangerous but common act by kids

Even though it is a common act, I still need to say it is very dangerous. Sometime, it kills.

When I was kid, I loved to watch a cartoon called “Ox Tales“. Ox Tales was an animated stories produced by Dutch. One of the main character Jack Turtleson was a silly turtle always cracked his shell and run his body out of the shell. That why I was mistaught for a long time.

(But of course, I need to explain, I didn’t throw a turtle out of the window.)

Twin tower design: remarkable old public housing

style in Hong Kong

This hollow tower design is really a remarkable design among the public housing history. This style is no longer used because of the low privacy among neighbor and low space efficiency.

Ox Tales

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.


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