My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.5: Noisy maker

Making noise was fun

Making noise was fun

When I was kid, there were many common ways to make noise. The comic shown the most popular ways to make stupid and annoying noise. Folding a “paper gun” was not easy. I still don’t know how to do this right now. I just remember my classmates loved to fold paper guns. When the paper guns were unfolded, it would produce a super loud noise. Another crazy way was using soy milk package. I just needed to blow up an empty “soy milk package”, and then step on it. Stepping on soy milk package was not allowed at school because soy milk would mess up the floor. But students, including me, loved to do this. hahahahah

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.

Paper gun by

Vita soy milk, a common noise maker


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  1. Interesting. I was few to do it when I was young.

  2. lol.
    hahaha, I love your stories. I feel like I’m in my childhood again.

  3. Yes, I think I’ve done it once or twice. Back then, no computers, and no super toys. That’s the only way to entertain myself and others.

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