My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.6: Visit my dream toy

Visit my dream toy

Transformer robot: Dream toy of a lot of kids

As a girl, I was not a fan of toy robot, but I still remembered almost all boys loved Transformer robots. However, it was a luxury toy for the kids in the old Hong Kong. In order to “own” a Transformer, boys brought toy cards.

Toy card was another popular toy for Hong Kong and some Asia kids in 80s and early 90s. The card images were usually cartoon characters, robots, and pop singers. I was one of the collectors too. It was popular because of the low price. It was just HK$1 for each card (approx US$0.15). The picture below was another popular cartoon, Dragon Ball.

Dragon ball card

Dragon Ball card by Parco @

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.


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  1. Very Nice! I love it~~~~! Good job.

  2. I did not collect those cards. My daughter, Noel, who liked to played the vending machine in the picture and wanted to get the toys from the machine she liked.

  3. It’s great that you even translate your comics! However I can’t read chinese, but that’s a very cool feature 🙂
    Keep on drawing 🙂

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