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Alumni Reunion Party: Comparison brings trouble

Alumni Reunion Party: Comparison brings trouble


The downside of living alone

Downside of woman living alone

Relationship: Self and Ego between Men and Women

Self and Ego between Men and Women

I hate people call me auntie!!! Never call me auntie again!!!

I hate people call me auntie

I hate people call me auntie

Sassy or Childish? What is the coolest style for women?


What's the different between these two styles?

Facebook Sin: The ultimate bad behavior list of Facebook users

Facebook Sin: Bad behavior list

Facebook Sin: Bad behavior list

Did any of you get mad about some of your friends’ annoying behavior on Facebook? Here’s a short list that  can drive people crazy, or at least make people feel annoyed. With that fact, I’m still addicted to Facebook because I love to keep in touch with friends 🙂

PlayStation Network is down: Best News for wife ever!


PS Network is down...

I have some girl friends told me that this is their best marriage period since PlayStation Network is down. Because their husband finally listen and focus to their conversation at home. Before the PlayStation Network is down, husbands are just focus on the games and shut down their ears and mouths. They only murmur some meaningless reply when their wives ask for feedback.

Is that true? Any husband want to defend?

Men know nothing about fashion


Men know nothing about fashion

A Mid 30 Single Woman Confession: Goodbye my love, Prince William


Husband’s Revenge


Husband revenge

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