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My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.11: Let’s go Yum Cha


My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.10: Christmas gift exchange game

My mom wants me to explain that this story is not about her. LOL

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.9: Silly Role Play Game

Boys’ role play games on Dragon ball and Gundam characters

Hong Kong kids were fascinated to all the heroic cartoons, especially Japanese cartoon characters. Drazon Ball characters and Gundam robots are common role play characters for boys back in the 80s and 90s Hong Kong. In fact, girls always thought that boy classmates were all fools when they were playing these games. hahaha…


One of the DragonBall weapon

Gundam Series: Weapon of one of the robots

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.8: My toy pencil case

My toy pencil case

Toy Pencil Case

It was a big trend for all the kids in Asia! The magic pencil case not only carry all the stationeries, it is also equipped with all cool features and functionalities. Eraser and ruler pop up when kid clicks the buttons.


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