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My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.11: Let’s go Yum Cha


My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.5: Noisy maker

Making noise was fun

Making noise was fun

When I was kid, there were many common ways to make noise. The comic shown the most popular ways to make stupid and annoying noise. Folding a “paper gun” was not easy. I still don’t know how to do this right now. I just remember my classmates loved to fold paper guns. When the paper guns were unfolded, it would produce a super loud noise. Another crazy way was using soy milk package. I just needed to blow up an empty “soy milk package”, and then step on it. Stepping on soy milk package was not allowed at school because soy milk would mess up the floor. But students, including me, loved to do this. hahahahah

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.

Paper gun by

Vita soy milk, a common noise maker

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.4: Win me if U can… childish race

Childish race

Elevator race: a childish game

It was a common race among the kids when I was small. If the runner did some tricks, it was not hard to win. It may be impossible nowadays because the new elevators are so fast.

Photo by

This is the elevator lobby of the old public housing in Hong Kong. Nowadays, the buildings definitely have smaller lobby. When I was young, this was a playground of kids.

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch.3: Another ridiculous childhood story

Throwing stuff off building was a bad, dangerous but common act by kids

Even though it is a common act, I still need to say it is very dangerous. Sometime, it kills.

When I was kid, I loved to watch a cartoon called “Ox Tales“. Ox Tales was an animated stories produced by Dutch. One of the main character Jack Turtleson was a silly turtle always cracked his shell and run his body out of the shell. That why I was mistaught for a long time.

(But of course, I need to explain, I didn’t throw a turtle out of the window.)

Twin tower design: remarkable old public housing

style in Hong Kong

This hollow tower design is really a remarkable design among the public housing history. This style is no longer used because of the low privacy among neighbor and low space efficiency.

Ox Tales

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch. 2 – Moon Festival

Moon Festival

Moon Festival is a children festival

Moon Festival,also as known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lantern Festival,  Mooncake Festival or Zhongqiu Festival, is a popular lunar harvest festival. The official date of this festival is on the 15th of August of the Lunar calendar.

What do kids do on this festival? Playing lantern, eating moon cake, seeking night adventure, etc. Besides, wax boiling is another boys’ favorite game. It is done by heating candle wax to high temperatures and producing wax fire. When high temperature boiling wax is doused  in water, giant fire flame is produced. It was a common fire game for Hong Kong kids, however, it is restricted by law nowadays because of the safety and environmental issues.

When boys play wax fire, girls play lanterns. Lantern comes with big variety, such as traditional candle lanterns and electronic lanterns. They are in different cartoon character or animal shape.

Different of China has different culture on Moon Festival, and this is the story about my place.

If you know how to read Chinese, or if you are curious about the Chinese version of this comic, please visit my Chinese blog.

Dangerous Wax Fire (credit:

Candle Lantern in Tiger shape (Credit:

Electronic lantern in cartoon character (Credit:

My Childhood in Hong Kong- Ch. 1 – No Secret, No border between neighborhood

You cannot keep secret because the apartments are so packed

Small and packed living environment in Hong Kong public housing

I should talk about the background for people who are not familiar with Hong Kong living environment.

I was grown up in public housing apartment. Public housing in Hong Kong is a governmental hosing program for the low income people. Public apartment is built all over Hong Kong, mostly in the relatively remote area. Each public housing are usually 20 to 40 stories, and each floor can occupy around 40 families. Each apartment is small. The placed I grown up was just 200 something sq. ft. for a family! The old design of the public housing is more packed and less considering the privacy of residents. That’s why what happened to our naughty boy Kit. It is really hard to keep secret between neighbor in this crowded environment.

Kin Ming Estate, completed in 2003 by

Twin tower design in old public housing by

Usually each public housing consists of 5-10 buildings.

The twin tower design on the left was the old design in 70s and early 80s. This is where Kit grown up.

Physical Punishment is a common family education

For other culture, it may be hard to imagine using physical punishment as a method to teach the kids. However, it is not rare in Hong Kong. Parents usually use “Tangtiu” and “Rooster Duster” as their “weapon” to beat their kids. Tangtiu is a piece of long and flexible plant, and Rooster Duster  is just like adding rooster hair at the end of the Tangtiu. 

When I was small, hearing other children yelling and being punished by their parents was a common scene in the public housing. Actually it was my true story. hahaha

Rooster Duster

New Comics- My Childhood in Hong Kong

My Childhood in Hong Kong

New comics is coming!!!

This will be all about the Childhood of Hong Kong people in the 70s and 80s.

This was what I experienced in my old days!

This time, my comics will be published with the online magazine Gut Mega X. The publication will be started from Sept 13 (next Tuesday), every other Tuesday for 3 months (6 issues). Since the version on Gut Mega X will be in Chinese, I will translate the Chinese version and publish here next week. 🙂

You may not grow up in Hong Kong or even Asia, but I hope all my audiences can feel the simple and happy life of the Hong Kong kids in that period.

The story is about a grade 3 naughty boy, named Kit, his family and school life. Kit is from a grassroots family of Hong Kong in the 80s. You can see the life style and culture of Hong Kong grassroots in that period.

I hope you may enjoy this comics!


Character Introduction

Happy Father’s Day: Dad, even though we always treat you as…, we still love you!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

PlayStation Network is down: Best News for wife ever!


PS Network is down...

I have some girl friends told me that this is their best marriage period since PlayStation Network is down. Because their husband finally listen and focus to their conversation at home. Before the PlayStation Network is down, husbands are just focus on the games and shut down their ears and mouths. They only murmur some meaningless reply when their wives ask for feedback.

Is that true? Any husband want to defend?

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