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Bad Example of Brown-Nosing ***Based on TRUE story***

Bad Brown Nosing Example


Roffice comics: The Art of Lie – how to be a successful scapegoat for your boss?

art of lie

Roffice: The Art of Lie - how to be a successful scapegoat for your boss?

Roffice Comics: Good boss, Bad boss


Good Boss, Bad Boss

Cheer up! Don’t get the “After Holiday Symptom”

Roffice: after holiday symptom

Cheer up! Don't get the "after holiday symptom"

It can be a great torture for some people  who need to work after 3-day-off.  If you have that thought, you should be one of the victim of “after holiday symptom”, like my robot Robby. Cheer up! Just look on the bright side, you still have 4 days left for the next weekend!

Roffice: Great App for office slave to call-in for “fake” sick leave


Sick Leave App?

Some working place still need people to call-in for sick leave, instead of texting or emailing. This makes a lot of office newbies feel worry when they just want to have a “fake” sick leave. When an employee is not sick, but pretend to be sick in order to get the advantage of having a paid-day-off. This is called “fake” sick leave. If this is your case, this app can help you. You can just choose how many days you want to be “sick”, and then pick the sickness. The app will generate a script for you. In addition, this app can also filter your voice to a proper tone for that symptom. You can even choose a background sound, such as hospital, home, or bathroom.

Such a great app, right? Just day dreaming…

Let’s focus on your job!

Roffice comics: How to get promoted? Career success tips for newbies

Comics about office: How to get promoted?

Career Success Machine

How to get promoted? Working hard? Know more about office politics?
Some people might think that skills and knowledge are important and so they go for the education plan. Some people like “fast ticket”, and so they choose brown-nosing.

Roffice: Office Eco-system/ Blame cycle

Roffice04: Office Eco-system/ blame cycle

Roffice04: Office Eco-system/ blame cycle

Roffice: The Truth about Office Meeting

Roffice: The Truth about office meeting

Roffice: Should we pretend to be busy when we are not?

Roffice: Should we pretend to be busy when we are not?

Roffice: First day at work

First Day at workOffice is a battlefield, we need to fight even in the first day. It is nice and common to have lunch with co-workers when you are new comers. But remind yourself, “Do not  involve into any office politics”. Some people say, usually the first group of people approaching the new comers are the gossipers and public enemies, because they need the new comer join their “group”. Is that true?

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