Roffice: First day at work

First Day at workOffice is a battlefield, we need to fight even in the first day. It is nice and common to have lunch with co-workers when you are new comers. But remind yourself, “Do not  involve into any office politics”. Some people say, usually the first group of people approaching the new comers are the gossipers and public enemies, because they need the new comer join their “group”. Is that true?


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  1. May be. Once you are involved, you have to check it out at the same time.

  2. Looking forward to the next comic strips! I will have another first day at work soon again :S

  3. Gossip, yes, but absolutely no politic!

  4. It looks like all the companies are the same. We have to very careful. Good luck! Ok!

  5. I think it could be true, but probably because of less dubious reasons that you suggest. If you look at it differently, who are most likely to embrace and try to involve newcomers? Perhaps those who like to talk a lot and those who are interested in human relations? And what characteristics would someone labeled as a gossiper (by people who only talk when they have something on their mind, and find cars/computers/online comics/etc more interesting than socialization :)) have if you’d guess? Ah well, we don’t have that kind of groups at my office so I’m just theorizing 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Monoton.
      In office, some are only just harmless gossip, which is fine.
      But some people really try to take advantage from people by “selling out” other people stories and establish their status… I had a similar experience before 😦

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